Friday, April 15, 2016

Paranormal Romance: "The Flipper and the Girl"--David Press.

1.1: We’re in an outdoor pool where streams of SWIMMERS are doing laps. There’s a tile pool deck framed by giant trees stretching in the distance. Just to the left of the panel there’s a COACH in shorts and polo, blowing out his whistle.

1. CAPTION [Time/Location]:    Fairfield, Connecticut.
SFX:                      TWEEE!
2.COACH:             Everyone out of the pool!

1.2: Switching to the other side of the panel where the swimmers climb out of the pool and among the male and human bodies are bodies of people who are most definitely not human. They’re grin skinned with webbed fingers and toes, no hair, and small fin-like mohawks. They’ll be called FLIPPERS. They all gather around the short, stout Coach.

3.COACH:             All right, Flippers, get some good rest tonight because we have New Haven tomorrow afternoon.

1.4: The swimmers begin heading into their separate locker rooms. In the crowd, we can see one FLIPPER stepping close to a GIRL with short-cut dirty-blonde hair that is pasted to her small head. She tries not to notice him.

4.FLIPPER:            Hey, I’m Finn.

1.5: Now we’re in a heavily wooded area where FINN and ELOISE are walking along a lakeside. They’re dressed like your average high school kids: tights and skirt, cardigan and a fun hat for Eloise; varsity jacket and converses for FINN.

5.CAPTION:           “…I’m Eloise.”
6.FINN:                    What do you like to do for fun?
7.ELOISE:                Well…I…don’t have much time for anything else but swimming.

1.6: Let’s take a look at these two young people from their backs as they skip rocks across the surface of the placid lake that reflects the trees all around them.

8.FINN:                I get that. Sometimes I feel like swimming is all I’m meant to do. Y’know?
9.ELOISE:            Yeah…because you’re a—
10.FROM OFF:         FREEZE!

And then two police officers arrest Finn for a drowning near the lake...

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