Monday, April 11, 2016

Paranormal Romance - Love Hurts - Grant McLaughlin

I'm going for a deep cut for my script this week. Longtime readers may remember my particular iteration of Dracula and Frankenstien('s monster).

1 - Night time. Establishing shot of "The Devil's Due" bar. As per usual, the parking lot is mostly empty, with only a handful of vehicles present.

DRACULA (from within): I simply cannot abide this obscene literary fad!

2 - Dracula sits at the bar, gesticulating wildly, his frustration getting the better of him. He wears some rather fancy and stylish clothing, somewhat out of line with the low key ambience of the establishment. Frankenstein stands behind the bar, pouring a bottle of crimson red liquid into a tumbler.

DRACULA (1): Why not Paranormal Noir?

DRACULA (2): Paranormal Non-Fiction?

DRACULA (3): Paranormal Self-Help?

3 - Frankenstein passes the tumbler towards Dracula, but he is too busy continuing on his tirade to pay much notice.

DRACULA: This insistence on such a reductive premise only serves to perpetuate unrealistic stereotypes!

4 - Dracula pauses, an elbow on the bar, his hand supporting his head. He looks sullenly into his glass. Frankenstein starts cleaning a different glass, asking a question of his friend.


5 - Dracula holds the same position, but his eyes look up towards Frankenstein.


6 - Dracula puts his head on top of his arm on the bar, covering his head with his other arm, as if he's trying to hide.

DRACULA (quietly): I don't want to talk about it.


  1. "These kids and their Twilight! Turned when they were young and sexy! Don't know how good they've got it!"

  2. Fantastic. I can even imagine a line of books... Paranormal cookbooks, paranormal travel, paranormal puzzles, paranormal business, young adult paranormal. And, of course, Paranormal For Mummies.



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