Thursday, April 14, 2016

Paranormal Romance - A Mournful Cry - Perry Kent

Panel 1
External, evening, countryside. DONELL stands over a bloody corpse lying on the ground. In one hand he clutches a bloody knife. It is twilight and they are in a field.

1. DONELL (caption): She always comes…

2. DONELL (caption): Always.

Panel 2
A bright light illuminates DONELL as the stunningly beautiful BANSHEE appears a few meters from DONELL. She is speaking to him even as she appears.

3. BANSHEE: You tempt fate, Donell McCaffrey.

Panel 3
DONELL and the BANSHEE kiss in a passionate embrace of two long lost loves.

Panel 4
BANSHEE breaks away from DONELL, a sadness on her face. He looks after her longingly.

4. BANSHEE: I must go.

Panel 5
A tear rolls down the BANSHEE's cheek as she lets loose her mournful cry.


6. DONELL (caption): ...always...


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