Friday, May 6, 2016

Civil War--"Class War"--David Press

1.1: Opening on a wide shot of a classroom, PETER PARKER stands trying to control the rambunctious eighth graders who are throwing paper airplanes and spitballs and everything else.

1.CAPTION:          Evander High School. Bronx, NY. First day of school.
2.PARKER:            Settle, you guys! Please settle down!

1.2: CUT TO ONE KID with his hand extended up to the ceiling—his face is red with the exertion like he’s popping out of his seat to ask his question. Let’s call it a medium close shot so we can get the fullness of his expression. The kid’s name is DEX.

3.DEX:               Mr. Parker! MR. PARKER! What made you reveal your secret identity on national television?
4.PARKER [O.P.]:     Great question, Dex…uhhh…

1.3: Over to Parker, his hand behind his head and he’s blushing hard. Why don’t we try to do the classic half Spider-Man / half Peter Parker head? I’ve always wanted to write that sentence.

5.PARKER:            I’ll just tell you what my lawyer tells me to say:
5B.                         “Due to the controversial nature of the events of 2005, Mr. Parker…

1.4: Let’s split the last tier. This panel can be on page left and we’re looking at the classroom from behind Parker’s head and over his shoulder. His students look very disappointed at this response.  

6.PARKER:     “…cannot comment on his actions…
6B.                  “They would be detrimental to his safety.”

1.5: Same size as the previous taking up the right side of the page. This time, it’s Dex with his hands up looking frustrated.

7.DEX:           Well, duh, you let out your identity on television.
7B.                  What were you thinking, Spider-Man?  


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