Thursday, May 5, 2016

Civil War - A House Divided - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, afternoon. Ironman lands in a park. Captain America waits for him by a tree.

1. CAP. AMERICA: Hello Stark.

2. IRONMAN: Cap.

Panel 2
Ironman takes off his helmet/mask so (at least) his face shows. Ironman walks towards Captain America.

3. IRONMAN: Are you ready to concede? Is that why you called me here?

4. CAP. AMERICA: Concede? No, Tony. Did you really arrange this meeting to play games? Is that suppose to convince me to join you?

Panel 3
Split panel. In one panel Captain American can be seen through the scope of a sniper rifle. In the other panel Tony Stark's face can be seen through the scope of a sniper rifle.

5. IRONMAN: Wait. I didn't arrange this.

6. CAP. AMERICA: Well, I didn't.

7. CAP. AMERICA: Who--

Panel 4
Two simultaneous gun shots. A bullet rips through Captain America's head at the same time another bullet strikes Tony Stark in the (maskless) face.


Panel 5
Two snipers, on top of a building, pack their rifles away. They are dressed in nondescript clothing.

9. SNIPER 1: That'll keep both sides busy.

10. SNIPER 2: A house divided cannot stand.



  1. I'm not feeling it at all. Seems WAY too easy a way for someone to kill both Captain America AND Iron Man.

    And honestly, I think both getting shot in the head with sniper bullets would be far more likely to unite the two sides against whoever just killed their leaders, if only long enough to avenge the two.

    1. You know, I think you're right about the deaths uniting the two sides. Good point.


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