Friday, May 13, 2016

GO: “Gentse Fiesten” --David Press.

Not sure I like this page at all, mostly because I wasn't sure what to do with the prompt, so I went with a memory from my twenties and a case of European weirdness.


1.1: OPEN on a wide panel setting our scene. We’re looking down at a cement boardwalk along a river where people sit smoking cigarettes. Across the river we can see the old Belgian city, GHENT, and it’s spire churches. A few JUMBOTRONS hang off the church spires displaying DJs and shooting off light shows into the dark river.
            It’s July 2002. I’m walking with MERRE, a blonde Belgian med student.

CAPTION [ME]:        When I was 21 I had the opportunity to go to Ghent, Belgium for the Ghentse Fiesten.

1.2: The Ghentse Fiesten is basically Mardi Gras, but for Ghent and it’s a three-week long street party that’s been celebrated since…I think the 1600s.
             Merre is introducing me to one guy: shaved head, leather jacket, ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Very European looking whereas I’m half drunk/stoned and look like a despicable American college student. I’m wearing a sportsball t-shirt, jeans, and Converses. You couldn’t pin “American” on me and miss me.

MERRE:           Dave, this is Doman, he’s going to show us a trick that might be useful to bring back to your American frat house.

ME:                  I don…don’t have frat houses

1.3: Still on the second tier, but this time Doman is brandishing a ONE-HITTER bowl fitted to a sour cream and onion Pringles can. Chips are flying out of his mouth.
            In the background, THE WOMAN from the Chemical Brothers video strolls by swinging a pole around.

ME [O.P.]:           Who needs to join a sodomy clubhouse to make friends? Harvard kids that’s who.
DOMAN:              I like dis guy.

1.4: Doman takes a hit just as the FIVE WOMEN from the video in the silver bullet costumes progress across the panel rowing the poles in front of them. Me and Merre are looking at them. Take up about half the third tier.

ME:                  What the…?

1.5: Stupified we’re all looking forward at the reader, staring at the Women in the Silver Bullet costumes doing the routine in the foreground. Doman is passing the Pringles Can off to me.

DOMAN:               Take a hit off this--then you will understand.


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