Thursday, May 12, 2016

Go - Starting Line - Perry Kent

Panel 1
External, day. A DOCTOR with a clipboard stands by the side of a track. BOB, seen only from the abdomen and up, stands on the track ready to go. BOB is wearing goggles.

1. DOCTOR: We can start when you're ready. Just do your best.

2. BOB: Let's do this.

Panel 2
Seen from above. BOB runs along the track and has already made considerable distance from his starting point near the DOCTOR.

3. DOCTOR: GO!!!

Panel 3
Split panel. Top split: BOB races across the panel in a blur. Bottom split: A speedometer in the DOCTOR's hand reads "98 MPH".

Panel 4
BOB leans against a wall, huffing and puffing. The DOCTOR, standing nearby, talks excitedly. BOB can still only be seen from the abdomen and up.

4. DOCTOR: Incredible! You beat all of my wildest expectations!

5. BOB: Yeah… That was… good.

Panel 5
BOB and the DOCTOR shake hands, both very happy. This panel has a full reveal of BOB, with cybernetic prosthetic legs.

6. DOCTOR: Are you willing to do more experiments with the prosthetics?

7. BOB: Hell yes!


1 comment:

  1. I really like the split panel effect--that was cool, but a question I have is the layout of the page. Is Panel 4 supposed to be on the same tier as Panel 3, and five is on the third tier? Has a kind of John Cassaday feel to it.


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