Sunday, May 8, 2016

Go - Won't Take Our Soul - Grant McLaughlin

While we're on a written script (as per the norm), the "visuals" are where I'd say some of this week's influence shines through brightest.  This page is set in a futuristic city - think curves, enormous skyscrapers, walkways in the sky, neon, flying cars, and that kind of thing.

Metric is our lead and she's bedecked like a true cyberpunk heroine - partially shaved head, dyed hair, tattoos, fingerless gloves, and futristic clothing / accessories (including "floating" bracelets around her wrists).

1 - Metric runs along a bridge made of neon blue light connecting two skywalks (sidewalks in the sky) far above the city's floor.  She holds a big neon sphere in one hand that seems to be pulsating a rainbow of colours (changing from panel to panel).  Sheets of skyscrapers are on either side, along with said aforementioned skywalks.  Two faceless copbots chase her - they are black and silver, with red visor eyes (like Cyclops) glowing bright and "POLICE" written on their chests.

CAPTION: Metropolis on the edge of control.

2 - On the other side of the one of the skyscrapers, Metric races around the corner of the skywalk, barely managing to keep her balance and avoid tumbling over the railway.  She is flying, she's running so fast.

CAPTION: Can't think.

3 - Close on Metric's eyes, going wide at what she sees.

CAPTION: Can't sleep.

4 - On the end of the skywalk Metric is racing towards - the lightbridge is broken in this instance, leaving a significant gap between skywalks.

CAPTION: Can't breathe.

5 - Metric takes a big leap off the guardrail next to the broken lightbridge space, legs extending to get as much hang-time as possible.  The copbots are behind her, trying to catch up.

CAPTION: No time to rest.

6 - Repeat panel, but Metric is gone.  The copbots look down over the edge of their skywalk towards the ground below.

7 - Repeat panel, but Metric's hand reaches up from below the railway (on the side she was jumping towards), signifying that she just barely managed to make the leap.  The copbots turn and run off, trying to find another way to catch her.

CAPTION: Just do your best.


  1. Man, I had such a strong visual of retro-futristic meets Tron running through my head when I read this. Don't know if that's what you were going for, but still very cool.

  2. I totally agree with the Tron sentiment here. Definitely see that here--also with a side of Aeon Flux, which makes sense since I think the Chemical Brothers did the soundtrack to the cartoon show. I'm probably wrong.

    I guess my question is the sixth and seventh panels meant to split on the third tier?


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