Saturday, May 28, 2016

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1/ July 21, 1865.  Springfield, MO

2/ With his back turned, Wild Bill Hickock holsters his gun.  A Colt 1851 Navy.  Running the other direction, towards the steps of the courthouse, is Davis Tutt.  He holds his bleeding left side as his men swarm to him.

Tutt: Boys, I'm killed!

3/ July 24, 1865.  Springfield, MO

4/ At a bar, nursing a whiskey, is Wild Bill.  On the bar in front of him is a gold pocket watch.   It's the Waltham repeater that started this nasty business.  Through the doors of the bar come two officers of the law.

Officer: Haycocke?

Hickock: Yeah.

5/ The officer, resolute but still a little timid.

Officer: Your presence has been requested at the courthouse for questioning as regards the manslaughter of one Davis Tutt.

6/ At the bar, Wild Bill's face is partially reflected in the glass of the watch.

Hickock (OP): Reckon so.

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