Sunday, May 22, 2016

Home - Interlude - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Night time.  Focus on a deep puddle in the sidewalk, raining pelting down on it.

DAVID (tailless): Sorry...

2 - David and Kendra stand under an awning on said sidewalk.  Both are completely drenched.  They stand close to each other, but are not touching or looking at each other.  David looks down towards the puddle from the previous panel, looking sad and embarassed.  Kendra mostly looks uncomfortable that David is so put out, unsure what to do about it.

DAVID: I thought we were closer.

3 - Kendra reaches out and touches David's arm, a small smile on her face.  David starts to look over towards her.


4 - Kendra leans over and lays a peck on David's cheek.  Both blush.

SFX: smek!

5 - Kendra grabs David's arm and pulls him out from under the awning and back into the rain.  She wears a big smile; he's warming to the situation.

KENDRA: Come on...

6 - Kendra and David run down the middle of the street in the rain, hand in hand.  They smile and laugh as they race through the downpour.

KENDRA (tailless): A little rain never hurt anyone.

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  1. Awwww sweet. I feel like a lot of these pages this week will be romantic.


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