Friday, May 27, 2016

HOME: "Nowhere"--David Press.

Just for clarity purposes, I kinda went nuts with this one because the idea of "home" is something I've always struggled with so I wrote a longgggg script on the various places that have been called "home" over the years. This one starts when we moved to Connecticut.


8.1: A wide panel of a big HOUSE and a large yard: A three-story house. A moving truck is parked in the driveway and things are being moved into the garage.
Lettering note: Captions are my narration; I’ll indicate them, but locations and years will be un-enclosed (“Display Lett” in Warren Ellis’s style for that sort of thing), and just sit on the bottom of the panel.

1.CAPTION (me):        You could say I’m a yuppie, a New Yorker, a prep school snob, but the truth is I’m a mutt.
2.CAPTION (me):        Home is all over the tri-state area.
3.CAPTION:           …So we moved to Connecticut in 1992.

8.2: A wide shot of a hallway.
            It’s the first day of sixth grade in Weston Middle School and I’m wearing a Flash trucker hat and I’m walking through a sea of kids with popped collars and skirts and dresses; barely a ripped jean or t-shirt in sight. Quite different from my New Jersey upbringing. It’s like I’ve gone to private school, but in Weston, Connecticut a public school is a private school anywhere else.
            Everyone is staring at me and what I’m wearing.

2.DISPLAY LETT:      Weston Middle School.

8.3: We’re in a gym, and I’m surrounded by a bunch of kids. I’m still wearing my Flash baseball hat. The dangling balloons can be the insults being flung in my direction.

3.KID 1 [unattached]:     Are you supposed to be the Flash?
4.KID 2:             Yeah, why are you wearing that?
5.KID 3:             Is it to protect against your receding hairline?

8.4: The Gym teacher spreads the kids apart from ridiculing me, I’ve taken off my hat and my hair is matted down from my hat showing my large forehead. The kids are all laughing.

6.KIDS:              Hahahaha!
7.GYM TEACHER:       That’s enough.

8.5: I’m in a bathroom stall, reading Generation X, with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a juicebox off to the left of the toilet.

8.CAPTION:             To say the least, Connecticut was never for me.

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