Monday, May 30, 2016

Reboot - Hero for Hire - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Batroc the Leaper stands on a rooftop surrounded by Daredevil, Moon Knight, Captain America, Spider-Man, and maybe one or two other masked heroes.  Batroc has a satchel across his shoulder branded with Sigma Corp's logo (a technology company new for this storyline).  Batroc stands with his hands on his hips, a look of annoyance on his face.

BATROC: Well, this hardly seems fair.

DAREDEVIL: All we want is the data you stole from Sigma Corp.

CAPTION: You know that old saying?

2 - Close on Batroc as he cold-cocks Daredevil.  Daredevil not only drops unconscious, but a second Daredevil appears right next to the first, also in the midst of falling unconscious.

BATROC: Oh, I'm not giving up without--

SFX: smak!


CAPTION: That two heads are better than one?

3 - Batroc stands over two unconscious Daredevils, a look of extreme confusion on his face.  The masked heroes around him look equally ill at ease, as if they've all paused in the midst of trying to stop Batroc.

BATROC: ...a fight?

CAPTION: Well, I've never been entirely convinced.

4 - The heroes snap out of their stupor and all converge to beat down Batroc.


CAPTION: Because you can never know what's going through someone else's head.  Never know whether you're really on the same page.

5 - Batroc lies unconscious on the ground.  Spider-Man crouches down to help one of the Daredevils up to a sitting position.  That Daredevil reaches up to hold his head / take off mask.  Moon Knight crouches over the other still unconscious Daredevil.

DAREDEVIL: That's embarrassing.

SPIDER-MAN: You gotta keep ahold of yourself.

DAREDEVIL: I know...

CAPTION: When it comes down to it, there's only one person you can rely on.

6 - Spider-Man helps up the conscious Daredevil, who has removed his mask to reveal that he is Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.  Meanwhile, Moon Knight is reabsorbing the extra Daredevil, as he is also a copy of Jamie Madrox.  

DAREDEVIL MADROX: Don't want to ruin this for the rest of us.

CAPTION: ...Yourself.

I don't know if this is clear, but the reboot would be Jamie Madrox founds his own Heroes for Hire, but he's the only actual hero in the employ.  Hard to say how long the concept could go for, but I like the idea, so here we are.

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  1. Might be a good gimmick at the start of an X-Factor run?


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