Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Tick - A Crime of Physics - Perry Kent

I'll admit to being fairly ignorant of The Tick, so hopefully this works.

Panel 1
Exterior, day, top of a building. A crook, dressed in a black turtleneck and ski mask with a large money sack, jumps off the edge of the building. The Tick runs across the building top towards where the crook is jumping. The building has a sign that says “Totekatze Trampolines”, though it is not prominent in the panel.

1. CROOK: You won't catch me!

2. TICK: Halt your descent!

Panel 2
The crook bounces off a trampoline that is at the base of the building. If Tick can be seen he looks astounded. The area around the building has lots of trampolines, as the building houses a trampoline business.

3. CROOK: An escape for the history books!

Panel 3
Tick jumps off the building toward the trampoline. He looks determined.


Panel 4
In a tragic turn events, Tick punches right through the trampoline and into the ground. Dust flies up from the impression he has made on the ground.


Panel 5
Arthur helps Tick from a hole in the ground under the Trampoline. Tick looks wildly dazed from the situation.

6. ARTHUR: What happened?

7. TICK: The elasticity of the trampoline succumbed to the stress of my super human mass, resulting in a true test of my nigh invulnerability.

8. ARTHUR: And the crook?

9. TICK: I'll need to check a history book.


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