Friday, May 20, 2016

The Tick: "Origin Story"--David Press.

I thought about starting my script from The Tick's origin story, because we never really get into  where he came from--except that he escaped from an insane asylum. Here, he meets his creator. 


3.1 CUT TO: A small apartment where we can see BEN EDLUND slaving over his drawing board. He looks like he’s sweating and concentrating very hard on the page; his right hand is shaped in all kinds of weird contortions.


3.2: The TICK kicks down the door to his apartment. Edlund turns away from us at the invasive super-hero.

1.TICK:                   Edlund! I’ve made it!
2.EDLUND:            What the--?

3.3: The Tick slaps him on the back while he looks down at the drawing board.

3.TICK:              That looks amazing, Edlund! Nice work rendering me.

3.4: The Tick looks down at Edlund, whose face looks like it has just been hit by a mack truck.

4.EDLUND:            How. How…are you here?

3.5: Up on the Tick’s smiling face, from Edlund's perspective.

5.TICK:              You freed me! Don’t you know that you comics can do anything? You can do anything with words and pictures, Ben!


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