Monday, May 16, 2016

The Tick - R&R - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The Tick sits on the couch in full relaxation mode.  His legs are wrapped in a warm blanket, he has snacks and hot chocolate on the coffee table in front of him, he carelessly holds a book in one hand, and pretty much any number of other vacation / resting ideas (pile of DVDs to watch, a "What to do in The City?" guidebook, etc).  Arthur looks on, perplexed.
LETTERING NOTE: "Staycation" should be written in a bigger style of some sort to emphasize its novelty.

TICK (1): Arthur, prepare yourself for modern life's most ancient and noble tradition of all.

TICK (2): Staycation!

TICK (3): We will rest!

TICK (4): Relax!

TICK (5): Potentially read!

TICK (6): And any number of supplementary activities - some potentially also beginning with "r"!

2 - On Arthur, looking with an expression of surprise / concern over the wealth of staycation material.

ARTHUR (1): ...

ARTHUR (2): Wouldn't you rather be out protecting The City?

3 - The Tick stands up on the couch, striking a thoughtful / oratorical pose.  Perhaps he uses the book as a prop to emphasize his point.

TICK (1): Arthur, to protect The City, we must know what its people love.

TICK (2): What they hold dear.

TICK (3): Only then can we truly understand what it is we protect.

TICK (4): And why it matters that it be protected.

4 - Arthur glumly pages through the "What to do in The City?" guidebook.

ARTHUR: Is there any way I can respond that doesn't result in staycationing?

5 - The Tick swoops in and gives Arthur a great big bear hug of enthusiasm (possibly around Arthur's neck).

TICK: I very much doubt it!

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