Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Tick - The Tick '66 - P. A. Nolte


1/ The Tick holding up a confusing pile of clues.  There are so many, from a scroll with mysterious writing and a tiki mask to a paddle-ball paddle and bowling pins.  It's all junk.

Caption: Our hero confounded!

The Tick: Are writing desks black?!  Have I solved it?!

2/ Arthur is strapped to an operating table, but The Tick's moth-themed chum looks more puzzled than endangered.  A shadowy figure is reaching out to him, its evil fingers of evil flexed for the purposes of committing evil no doubt.

Caption: His sidekick bounded!

The Villain (Mostly OP): Now we'll see who you really are under that mask, Arthur.

Arthur: Um...

3/ The Tick shamefully handing over a set of keys with a novelty keychain shaped like his own head to a police officer.  Behind them is a large vehicle in the same vein as the Spider-Buggy.  An unnecessary and cumbersome accessory in The Tick's crimefighting arsenal.

Caption: The Tickmobile impounded!

Officer: Sorry, Blue Yonder, but you're in no condition to drive.

The Tick: No, officer.  You're only doing your job.


4/ The door to the room has swung open, and in the doorway is The Tick.  Tall, blue, heroic, and easily distracted.  In the foreground, Arthur is indeed strapped to a metal table in a standard dingy-looking villainous lair.  Standing over him is The Villain, a real Snidely Whiplash type, who has already pulled back Arthur's mask, revealing the face of... Arthur.  I mean... Duh?

The Tick: Unhand her, Dan Backslide!

The Villain: ...what?

The Tick: I said: Let this anonymous man go and tell me where you're keeping my little buddy, you fiend!

5/ Arthur rolls his eyes, a gesture we can actually see thanks to his mask being removed.

Arthur: Um... Tick?

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