Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Tick – The Tick vs. The Bliss of Ignorance – MK Stangeland, Jr.

(THE TICK has become super-intelligent through a turn of events.

Or has he?)

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: THE TICK is sitting in a pose imitating that of the famous THINKER statue, but he’s not actually sitting on anything and his face looks forward with a blank, wide-eyed look of horrible realization. His head has been enlarged in a typical ‘super smart guy’ fashion. ARTHUR stands next to him, worried.

ARTHUR (1): Tick?

ARTHUR (2): Tick, buddy?

ARTHUR (3): Please be alright?

Panel 2: THE TICK turns his upper body to face ARTHUR, grasping him by the shoulders.


TICK (1): Don’t you SEE, ARTHUR!?

TICK (2): My lighthouse of truth has suddenly gone dark, leaving me lost in a fog of moral grays that I am unable to navigate, and jagged iceburgs lurk on all sides!

Panel 3: THE TICK philosophizes about his predicament as only THE TICK can.

TICK (1): Once simple concept like ‘good’ and ‘evil’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ have suddenly become unsolvable puzzles, complete with those missing pieces you don’t learn about until the puzzle has almost been solved!

TICK (2): How can I truly fight for justice when I can’t even be sure what true justice is anymore?!

Panel 4: ARTHUR tries to get through to TICK.

ARTHUR: Tick! You’re over-thinking things!

TICK: Am I?!

Panel 5: Close up on THE TICK as he thinks really, really hard. You can visibly see that he’s trying to think as hard as he possibly can, so much so that it might even be physically hurting him, if that were even possible. This includes his fingers up against the side of his head in a meaningless gesture of visible thinking.

TICK: Or am I not over-thinking things enough?!

SFX: grrrrrrrr...!


Panel 6: ARTHUR tries to snap TICK out of his funk by slapping him. His hand only goes so far as TICK’s face and stops right there, as TICK doesn’t move at all in reaction.

ARTHUR: Snap out of it, Tick!

SFX: Sla-…

Panel 7: Small inset panel of ARTHUR, who’s holding his hand and looking down at it after hurting it just a little from slapping TICK.



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