Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bebop and Rocksteady - Turtle Hunting Antics - Perry Kent

I am still on the road, but this is what I whipped up. Hope it's tubular.

Panel 1
Interior, dark, abandoned sewer tunnel. Bebop and Rocksteady walk through an abandoned sewer tunnel. They are both angry and arguing.

1. ROCKSTEADY: Do you know the way out?
2. BEBOP: Me?! It was your idea to come down here, turtle hunting. You were leading!
3. BEBOP: You moron!

Panel 2
Rocksteady faces Bebop, ready to charge at him. He is furious.

4. ROCKSTEADY: Don’t call me a moron!
5. BEBOP: Then don’t be such a moron!

Panel 3
Bebop dodges out of the way as Rocksteady smashes into the wall.

7. SFX (wall): WHAM!

Panel 4
Interior, bright, subway station. Rocksteady smashes through the wall of the subway station.

8. SFX (wall): CRAAASH!

Panel 5
Bebop steps through the hole in the subway station wall as Rocksteady rubs his head.

9. BEBOP: That’s using your head!

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