Friday, June 17, 2016

Crossover Event: “Green Hornet vs J. Jonah Jameson”--David Press

1.1: J. JONAH JAMESON chomps on his cigar, spittle erupting from his mouth. This is the good old-fashioned version of Jameson—back at his job as EiC of The Daily Bugle—with lots of papers on his desk. How about a medium wide shot of Jameson and his desk? He’s talking to someone off picture.

1.JAMESON:           There’s a new lunatic in town! As if we need one…
1B:                            I want to know who this nutcase is!

1.2 CUT TO: GREEN HORNET and KATO fighting off some hoodlums in a back alley.

2.CAPTION [Jameson]: “Who seriously calls themselves The Green Hornet?

1.3: THE BLACK BEAUTY lights a ramshackle apartment building on fire with a flamethrower that’s extended out of its headlights. CRACK ADDICTS run out of the abandoned building.

3.CAPTION:           “I mean: what kind of nut job goes around torching abandoned tenement houses?

1.4: Green Hornet and Kato shake hands with DAREDEVIL and SPIDER-MAN as the SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN lay knocked out in the middle of the street.

4.CAPTION:           “They’re allied with public nuisances Spider-Man and Daredevil!”

1.5: Back to the first panel, but this time JAMESON is standing up behind the desk. His complexion is bright red and there’s ash falling on papers on his desk. He might light up his office.

5.JAMESON:           Who are these clowns?

1.6: Now for the big reveal: Jameson is talking to REED and Kato—the new owners of the Daily Bugle.

6.REED:                   Jeez, I dunno Jonah.


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