Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Crossover Event - Marvel Knights/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Done under the ‘Original merged story where the two properties always existed as part of the same universe’ idea that I think a number of the Marvel/DC crossovers did at one point. In this version, the HAND and the FOOT CLAN were once part of the same ninja clan, but parted ways long ago for reasons, and now SHREDDER is trying to forcibly reunite the two via a hostile takeover of the HAND.

Here, LEONARDO and RAPHAEL have been in pursuit of ELEKRA, who they believe to be a HAND agent, though she’s secretly a mole inside the organization.)

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: Night, above the rooftops of NEW YORK. RAPHAEL and ELEKTRA’s sai’s collide as ELEKTRA blocks an attack from the turtle.



Panel 2: ELEKTRA redirects RAPH’s sai’s downward on either side of her as she flips over him.

Panel 3: ELEKTRA lands as RAPH turns about.

RAPH: Think you’re pretty cute, huh?

Panel 4: LEO grabs ELEKTRA from behind, trying to put her in a chokehold.


LEONARDO: Don’t make me hurt you.

Panel 5: ELEKTRA leverages her body against LEO to flip him over her.

ELEKTRA: Don’t worry, you…

Panel 6: ELEKTRA is caught off guard as LEO grabs hold of her and lands on his feet rather than his back.

ELEKTRA: …won’t?!

Panel 7: LEO completes the counter as he flips ELEKTRA over him and throws her.

Panel 8: RAPH clotheslines ELEKTRA as she flies by him, probably putting more force into the move and enjoying it than necessary.

RAPH: Night night.



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  1. I like the coordination of the action sequence--that's something I need to work on--but I loved the transitions.


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