Sunday, June 12, 2016

Crossover Event - Spidergwen vs Batgirl - Perry Kent

Spidergwen has attempted to use the transdimensional travel device she received as part Web Warriors work, but something has gone awry. She now finds herself in an unusual city. As she tries to find something familiar she is attacked.

Panel 1
Exterior, night, alleyway. Spidergwen does a backflip over a cowled figure (Batgirl). Spidergwen is sporting her transdimensional travel device.
1. SPIDERGWEN: Look lady, I don’t know who you are or where this is but back off.

Panel 2
Batgirl flings a batarang at Spidergwen.
2. BATGIRL: Welcome to Gotham.
3. BATGIRL: I’m Batgirl, the lady that protects these streets.

Panel 3
Spidergwen does a backbend to dodge the batarang.
4. SPIDERGWEN (thought): I’ve never even heard of Gotham. What mess has this transdimensional doodad gotten me into now...

Panel 4
Spidergwen stands up, shouting back at Batgirl. Batgirl looks like she is ready for a rebuttal attack.
5. SPIDERGWEN: Do you attack everyone trying to find their way home?
6. BATGIRL: Just the weirdly dressed ones prowling in alleys.

Panel 5
Spidergwen stands with her head cocked to the side. Batgirl pulls back her arm, ready to throw another batarang.
7. SPIDERGWEN: Have you looked in a mirror?

Panel 6
Spidergwen gets knocked in the back of the head by the first returning batarang.

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