Thursday, June 23, 2016

Movie Adaptation - Hot Fuzz - Perry Kent

This is from one of my favorite movies, Hot Fuzz. It is a scene that I feel ties together the motivation of the killer (though we don't learn the reason until later), the comedy of the movie, and the suspense of “whodunnit". It is also a really simple physical comedy routine that I enjoy.

Danny and Nicholas have just spent the evening out at the pub getting drunk and have been asked to escort a rich drunk fellow home.

Panel 1
Exterior, night. A wide, pulled back shot. Danny and Nicholas, the drunk rich man between them, stagger up to the garish mansion. Danny is hunched and Nicholas is supporting the drunk rich man that is between him and Danny.

1. NICHOLAS: Not really in keeping with the aesthetic of the area, eh?

Panel 2
The drunk rich man, with his back to the door, hands Danny money in the form of a single bill. The rich man looks half-unconscious. Danny looks hunched with half-lidded eyes. Nicholas is the most sober and his eyes are still have closed.

2. DRUNK: Ah-

3. DRUNK: Here you go.

Panel 3
Nicholas snatches the bill from Danny.

Panel 4
Nicholas hands the bill back to the drunk rich man.

4. NICHOLAS: And your change.

5. DRUNK: God bless.

Panel 5
Danny and Nicholas stumble away from the mansion as the door swings shut behind them.

6. SFX (door): Clunk.

Panel 6
Interior, night, dim. The rich man stumbles away from his closed front door. Behind the door stands a tall figure in a black robe with an obscured face. The rich man has taken no notice of the intruder. 


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  1. Nice, Perry. Hot Fuzz is delightful and a nice choice of a scene.


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