Saturday, June 25, 2016

Movie Adaptation - TAoBBAt8D: Watermelon - P. A. Nolte

1/ Reno and New Jersey enter a lab.  Reno's left arm is in a sling. They wield pistols as if someone or something might pop out at them from any angle at any moment.

The lab itself is fairly standard, looking like any number of other generic science labs, except for a large apparatus that is mostly out of view.

Perfect Tommy (CAP): Cowboy!

New Jersey (CAP): What?

Perfect Tommy (CAP): Hold the gun in front of you, man.

New Jersey (CAP): Oh, yeah... it's... okay.

2/ Partially obscured by a vintage countertop produce scale, a watermelon is being squeezed between two metal plates.  One set of pistons comes from the ceiling, one from the floor.  Tubes and wires run from the plates, sending nigh-unreadable information to a number of nearby computer monitors.

New Jersey: Why is there a watermelon there?

3/ Reno, gun at the ready, exits the lab through a door on the other side.

Reno (OP): I'll tell you later.

4/ New Jersey gives the watermelon experiment, whatever it is, one last concerned glance.

5/ New Jersey follows Reno out the lab.

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