Monday, June 20, 2016

Movie Adaptation: "The Usual Suspects"--David Press.

PAGE TWO: Three wide panels, because lots of dialogue. Here’s a the clip I’m adapting from what is my favorite film.

2.1: We’re in a room with a table. TWO COPS circle MCMANIS who is the focus here. McManis wears a black turtleneck and is smoking a cigarette. He’s being interviewed. We can only see the white button down shirts and ties the cops are wearing as they ask questions. This shot should be the setup of all of them for this page. The captions are Verbal Kint’s narration.

1.CAPTION:           They went after McManis first. Top- notch entry man.
2.COP 1:                  Where's the truck.
3.MCMANIS:          What truck?
4.COP 2:                  The truck with the guns, fuck-o.
5.MCMANIS:          Fuck-o? Brrrrr.
6.COP 1:                  You want to know what your buddy Fenster told us?

2.2: Now on FENSTER: the stuffed shirt cops circle him once again.  Played by Benicio Del Toro, he’s wearing a red shirt and black blazer.

7.FENSTER:           Say who?
8.COP 1:                  McManis. He told us a different story all together
9.FENSTER:           Oh! is dat the one about the hooka with dizentary?

2.3: Fenster has his arms over the top of his head. COP 1 is off panel, but COP 2 stands right behind Fenster.

10.CAPTION:         Fenster always worked with McManis. He was a real tight ass. But when it came to the job, he was right on. A smart man.
11.COP 2:               What are you saying?
12.FENSTER:         Ah said, “He’ll flip ya.” Flip ya fa real.
13.COP 1 [Off]:      Yeah I’m shakin’. C’mon.


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