Friday, June 3, 2016

REBOOT: "...Baby Huey's Take." --David Press.

Kind of a reboot on the Baby Huey comic and cartoon, but instead of Huey being a giant duck--he's a human. And kind of crass. 


1.1: A desk sits solitary in the middle of a grassy plot of land. There's a typewriter on top of it and a sheet of paper.


1.2: A square plot of a garden: there are fourteen beds with various things growing out of it in states of spring renewal.


1.3: Panning to the left of the garden we can see a GUY in cargo shorts, t-shirt, and a baseball hat. He’s holding a WEED-WACKER and mowing down some weeds alongside a stonewall that extends up to a HOUSE’S white siding.

1.CAPTION:           “I’m not going to lay down another metaphor for you.

1.4: As if we’re panning up from the GUY’s position, the white siding is the form of a BACK PORCH strung with lights.
            There’s a bench, two chairs, and a black table. Sitting on the bench is a WOMAN in dress clothes sipping coffee.

2.CAPTION:           “Seasons change and we regrow and re-live.

1.5: Still panning upwards from the porch, we’re now looking into a SECOND FLOOR window. In the window, we can see a CRIB and the faint shadow of a baby looking out the window.   

3.CAPTION:           “The years change, but the word—‘REBIRTH’— is a lie.

1.6: Now we’re in the window at looking at the BABY in the crib.

4.BABY:              I’m Huey.

1.7: And now out to the WIDE YARD again. In a hammock, is HUEY’s little sister reading a Winnie the Pooh book.

5.CAPTION:           All we ever do is run around recycling the same things. Humans are no better than lemmings.

1.8: Back to Huey in his nursery he’s smashing his toys against the rug and laughing about it.

6.HUEY:              They’re all just toys. Toys get broken and then you get a new one.
6B:                       Why cry about it?


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