Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reboot - Back to Back to the Future - Perry Kent

I am traveling a bit so this was a quick attempt at a reboot. Technically a movie but why not make a comic of it!

Panel 1
Exterior, night, side of a street lined with cars. An  indistinguishable figure works inside a Tesla roadster, the door hanging wide open. The car sits on the side of a residential city block with lots of cars packed in around it.

1. CAPTION: 2016
2. WOMAN: Come on… This is taking too long.  Don’t crap out on me now.

Panel 2
Inside of car. A young woman sits in the driver’s seat fiddling with a device. The device is connected to two wires extending from a hole in the dashboard where the start button use to be. She has a look of elation.

3. WOMAN: Yes!

Panel 3
The young woman grins devilishly toward the reader. Behind her is a Flux Capacitor pulsing. Out the back window the red and blue lights of cop cars can be seen.

4. WOMAN: Let’s see how fast this sucker can go!
5. SFX (cop sirens): Wahooo wahooo!

Panel 4
First of two side-by-side panels: Top down view of two burning tracks on the pavement and cops following where the Tesla should be. The burning tracks lead up to and join the next panel.

Panel 5
Second of two side-by-side panels: Top down view of Tesla streaking across the panel. The Tesla is covered in blue lightning and flame tracks lead back to the previous panel. The street is dilapidated with trash on the sidewalk and broken cars along the sidewalk.

6. CAPTION: 1986


  1. This would make a pretty great teaser trailer for a movie I don't want to see.


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