Sunday, June 26, 2016

Warm-Up Sketches - "The Incident" - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A psychologist's office.  We're close on the pen and clipboard of said psychologist.  Their body / torso can be visible behind, but their face should not be on-panel.


2 - On war-torn streets in a nondescript city.  Two robots, IL5A and IL5P (not dissimilar to André Lima Araújo's sketch - perhaps they have written markings somewhere to identify which is which) have their weapons out and are firing, with unseen forces firing back.  Plasma pulses fly throughout the scene.
LETTERING NOTE: There should likely be some type of difference from the regular in the robot font / balloon choice.

IL5A: Fall back!  I will cover you!

3 - Back in the psychologist office.  The psychologist sits to one side, pen and clipboard ready (but face still off-panel), while IL5P sits on a couch across from the psychologist.  IL5P sits with slumped body-language.

PSYCHOLOGIST: there anything you want to talk about?

4 - Back on the war-torn streets.  A plasma pulse blasts apart IL5A's side, with a huge hole opening up where before there was torso and arms.  IL5P looks over in surprise, reaching out uselessly.

IL5P: Elsa!

5 - Psychologist office.  On IL5P.  Its hands are clasped, hanging between its legs.  It looks down, not making eye contact.


6 - War-torn streets.  IL5P kneels next to IL5A, cradling what little is left of its disintegrated chassis. While the scene is obviously on the streets, maybe we could do without the background to emphasize the moment.


7 - Psychologist office.  On IL5P.  Maybe pull away a bit from IL5P, but the robot holds the same position as in panel 5.

IL5P: (small): no

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