Thursday, June 30, 2016

Warm-Up Sketches - One Confusing Step - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, dark, alien planet. An astronaut in a bulky space suit steps out of a shuttle-like craft that has landed in the dirt of the alien world. A large light shines from the top of his helmet out into the darkness of the world. The planet is dirt and rock.

1. ASTRONAUT: Surface contact established. Sending readings now.

2. RADIO (op): Confirmed.

Panel 2
The astronaut walks away from the shuttle, preceded by the beam of his head lamp.

3. ASTRONAUT: Initiating immediate environmental recon.

4. RADIO (op): Confirmed. Looks like a pretty barren world.

Panel 3
The astronaut climbs a slope of rock and dirt.

5. ASTRONAUT: I'm not sure we'll find much besides single cell life.

6. RADIO (op): Too bad.

7. RADIO (op): How's it feel to be the first man on this moon?

Panel 4
The astronaut stands at the top of the slope, looking down at the ground. His helmet light illuminates an unseen patch of ground.

8. ASTRONAUT: Worrisome.

9. RADIO (op): What? Why?

Panel 5
The astronaut stands next to a set of human bones, his helmet light fully circling and illuminating the remains.

10. ASTRONAUT: Looks like I'm not the first.

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