Sunday, June 19, 2016

Why Movie Adaptation?

Archie Goodwin by Walter Simonson.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Archie Goodwin. He was perhaps best known for writing and editing Detective Comics in the 1970s. With Walter Simonson they crafted back-up stories centered around Manhunter, Paul Kirk. Goodwin would later go on to found Epic Comics at Marvel years before Vertigo Comics did essentially the same thing. With the Epic line, Goodwin brought Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, and a whole plethora of independent and European comics talent to American comics. Perhaps the second biggest achievement Goodwin established was his movie adaptations. Working with Goodwin was Walter Simonson on Alien, Al Williamson on Blade Runner, and Carmine Infantino—most famously—on Star Wars.

A couple years ago a friend found me the Alien adaptation and I frequently go back to it. Now that is an adaptation that is probably as good as the movie.

We do a lot of movie-related posts here at Thought Balloons—usually when there is a new superhero movie out, but none of these movies are our personal favorite films. For this week, I’d like us to adapt one page from our favorite movie if we were to bring that movie to the comic form. As always, feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts. Have fun! 

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