Monday, July 25, 2016

GHOSTBUSTERS: "Ghost Hunt Busters" -- David Press.

1.1 WIDE SHOT: A black van sits in front of a house that has its front door open and looks like no one has been in the place for years. The VAN has a yellow LOGO on the side of it saying “SAPS”.
I’ve always been a fan of those shows  “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters” where people wander into abandoned buildings and take photos of shadows with their infrared cameras. So think of the people in the “SAPS” crew being those types of ghostly spelunkers. They are about to have an encounter they are never going to forget!

CAPTION [Location]:            Watertown, NY. 23:01pm.

1.2: Four people walk up the jagged stone path towards the house, carrying cases and backpacks filled with equipment. KRIS, is bald-headed with a goatee; JIMMY has long black hair—kind of a grungy dude; JANELLE has jet black hair and glasses; and FRANK has a shaved head and a neck tattoo because he’s that sort of dude.

KRIS:                                      Can’t believe they call these houses “Zombie houses”.

1.3 INTERIOR: THE SAPS CREW are setting up cameras, laptops, and printers, checking flashlights and all of that sort of thing.

JANELLE:                              From what I understand these houses are left abandoned when folks can’t pay the mortgage.
JIMMY:                                  Or is it something else?!

1.4: The GHOST HUNTER team wonders into a dark hallway.

JANELLE:                              Well let’s hope there aren’t any actual zombies in here.
FROM OFF:                            You don't wanna go in there.

1.5 CUT TO: The voice. We’re looking up at the GHOSTBUSTERS [from the recent movie]. As stand looking triumphant, JILL HOLTZMANN is holding up the trap. 

HOLTZMAN:                        Spelunkers! Go play in your parents’ basement!
PATTY:                                  Yeah! Leave this to the professionals!


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