Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ghostbusters - Mr. Underneath - P. A. Nolte

1/ All four Ghostbusters, from behind, firing at a giant shadow in the corner of a young girl's bedroom.  The shadow is stretched out from under the bed and up to the ceiling, taking up a significant portion of the walls.  It is mostly black, with long, spindly fingers and sharp green eyes.  A similar green glow comes from its mouth, backlighting rows of tiny, pointed teeth.  The girl's bookshelf, closet, nightstand, bed, and the walls behind them are all riddled with flaming lines of destruction from errant proton streams.  The shadow itself doesn't seem too harmed.

Erin (Cap): Why beds?  And why children?  It's just like--

Abby: Hey, Erin!  I think it's using kids' theta waves to breach dimensions!  Just like--

Erin: Just keep blasting!

2/ In profile, all four continue to fire.  Holtzmann's face is the only one we can see completely, and she is grinning from ear to ear with a child's maniacal glee.  Bustin' makes her feel good.

Patty: What is this thing again, Holtzmann?

Holtzmann: It appears to be a Class 7 Repeating Corporeal Entity!

Holtzmann: We might get to break out some new toys for this one!

3/ A hand flips a light switch.

SFX: click

4/ The hand is connected to Amy's father.  He and Amy's mother are both standing in the doorway.  Tired and angry.  Amy Pierce, the little girl who's hired the Ghostbusters with all the money in her piggy bank to help with Mr. Underneath, the man who lives under her bed sometimes, is rushing to her mom and dad, trying to explain the situation.  If anything can be seen of the room behind Amy, Mr. Underneath is long gone.  Escaped to terrorize another time.

Amy: Mom!  Dad!  You gotta see!  The Ghostbusters came, and when Mr. Underneath crawled out from under my bed, they started blasting him with their--

Mr. Pierce: I know who they are.  And I think it'd be best if they left.

Mr. Pierce: Now.

5/ Close on the Ghostbusters, all four wearing angry or disgusted looks, maybe brandishing their neutrona wands like they'd enjoy using them to smack this guy around a little.

Mr. Pierce (OP): How many times do I have to tell you, Amy?  There is no such thing as ghosts.

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