Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Hate Fairyland – Happily Never After – MK Stangeland Jr.

(9 Panels)

Panel 1: GERT swinging her ax around in violence, causing blood and various fairyland body parts to fly about.


SFX: wack thwak wak wak!

Panel 2: More of the same from PANEL 1.


SFX: thwak wak wack thwack!

Panel 3: GERT standing in the middle of a battlefield that’s covered in violently murdered Fairylanders. LARRY floats nearby.

SFX: (From GERT) *heavy breathing*

Panel 4: GERT still standing in the middle of the killing field she created.

SFX: (From GERT) *heavy breathing*

LARRY (1): Congrats.

LARRY (2): You have now successfully killed everyone and everything in Fairyland.

GERT (1): No.

GERT (2): Not yet I haven’t.

Panel 5: GERT swings her ax at LARRY, hitting him with the flat end like a giant fly swatter. The result is LARRY getting squished in a violent, bloody mess.


Panel 6: View of the ‘killing field’ that GERT stands in the middle of as she starts laughing like a maniac.

GERT (1): He he he.

GERT (2): Ha ha ha ha ha.

GERT (3): Eeh HE HE HE HE!

Panel 7: GERT continues to laugh like an insane maniac as the bodies around her decay and sink into the ground, indicating she’s spent an absurdly long time laughing about her ‘victory’.


Panel 8: GERT stands in place, looking around with a face of insanity. The land around her is a dead wasteland beyond all question, few signs remain that anything ever lived there at all.

Panel 9: GERT shouts to the sky in anguish as she realizes the full extent of what she’s done and how it’s pretty much left her alone in a world with nothing else left in it.




  1. The ultimate ending for all "successful" villains. Nicely done. I ask myself this question all the time when I look at a page: what panel can I cut from this? So I'm wondering if you have a question you go through whenever you're editing your script.

  2. Perhaps not what David was referring to, but I wonder if you couldn't drop some of these panels (especially towards the beginning) to keep more real estate for that last moment. I feel it might resonate more strongly if it had more space to emphasize the finale, you know?

    That said, it is a clever take on a possible end for Gert, even if it means poor Larry has to get it.

  3. I can't say I can think of a question that I think of every time I'm editing my script, though this page could arguably use fewer panels. I will admit that I'm probably more inclined to try to fit more things into a page when I've got only one to work with than I'd probably like to admit.


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