Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Hate Fairyland - Hornswaggling Hobgoblins - Perry Kent

Gertrude is being made to fetch a unicorn horn so that she can continue on in her quest to blah blah blah. 

Panel One
Gertrude stares out at the reader through a set of binoculars. In the reflection of the binoculars can be seen the silhouette of a slightly lumpy unicorn.

1. GERTRUDE: Heh. Your horn will soon be mine.

Panel Two
Gertrude sneaks across a meadow of tall grass leaving a trail in her wake. She has a large net ready to go. The unicorn is still obscured from sight by the tall grass.

2. SFX (grass rustling): snnnnneeeeaaaaakkk

Panel Three
Gertrude tosses the net off panel with a shout of accomplishment and mad smile of success.

3. Gertrude: Gotcha, you pretentious pony!

Panel Four
Gertrude looks horribly confused as she looks at the what she has captured. The reader is still unable to see the unicorn.

4. Gertrude: Wait. What the hornswaggling hobgoblin?

Panel Five
Full reveal of the “unicorn”, which is not a unicorn at all! Instead, the net has captured a collection of gnomes pretending to be a unicorn. There are five gnomes in total, all holding up cutouts of a lumpy 2D cutout that has been poorly painted to look like a unicorn. The first three gnomes look horribly ashamed, the fourth gnome looks happy, and the last gnome looks stereotypically stupid. All three are trying to speak.

5. GNOME 1 (head): “Uh...”

6. GNOME 2 (shoulders/legs): “It's not what it looks like...”

7. GNOME 3 (stomach): “For a costume party.”

8. GNOME 4 (back legs): “We're cosplaying!”

9. GNOME 5 (butt/tail): “I'm a unicorn butt!”

- END -

1 comment:

  1. Lovely little page, Phil. Lots of nice touches - that opening panel, the extended sneak - but the reveal is what makes it. Love the ludicrous idea of gnomes dressed up as a unicorn (almost like kids on each other's shoulders hiding in a single trench coat), but you go the extra mile with the panel of sorry excuses. Excellent choice.


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