Friday, July 22, 2016

I HATE FAIRYLAND: "Mother Goose" -- David Press.


1.1: A close-up shot on a Duck’s bill with a cigarette hanging out.

MOTHER [O.P]:                    When Diddle Diddle died I had to do something to keep all my kids in cozy dens for the winter.

1.2: On MOTHER GOOSE's feathered hands: she's turning over a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL onto a stack of twenties.

MOTHER [O.P.]:                   That’s when Gert introduced me to her crop.

1.3: Let’s have one more shot of the same size and we’ve teased to the right of the money and we see a PILE of blueish-green-and-pink FAIRY DUST piled on the table.

MOTHER:                              Given all of her horrible crap, people in Fairyland just want to escape the terror and I’m happy to deliver.

1.4: Panning all the way out so we can see MOTHER GOOSE’s face as she smokes the cigarette, counts the money, and speaks to us. She has a scar across her left eye.

MOTHER:                              I mean, shit, we all need a little escapism from our daily horrible realities.



  1. I like the idea of the fairy tale creatures needing their own escapism. Clever.

  2. Like Perry, I really like the idea you have here of bringing "everyday" concerns to the realm of Fairyland - transplanting the mundane to fictional lands is always fun in my books. However - and I may be missing something - but I don't follow the logic of Gert being related to the fairy dust / crop. The picture you paint is enticing, but those captions in the middle brought me out of things as I couldn't fit those details into the larger whole.

    1. Ohh. Do you mean that you don't get how Gert is related to the overall page? Really, I just inserted her in the story to tie it into the prompt, but I haven't read the comic so I'm not sure whether that's a thing the character would do.

    2. Hmm. I read it as Gert discovering Mother Goose trafficking fairy dust and giving her what for with a riding crop for, I dunno, not getting a cut. Hence the scar. But, since a desperate mother is a desperate mother and the drug trade is dependable business in Fairyland, especially under Gertrude's rule, Mother Goose keeps it going. Albeit with a little more discretion.

    3. Oooh! I'd never actually heard the term "riding crop" before now and assumed that crop in the text meant Mother Goose was sourcing the dust from Gert (in a more agricultural sense) instead of Gert unleashing some pain on her. This makes more sense to me now.


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