Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lonely Island - All Work - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Interior shot of a factory assembly line, with men and women in matching drab uniforms posted all along it.  Maybe have one figure's uniform be slightly different to help them stand out - maybe a bandanna to keep her hair up.  This is Rosie, our protagonist.  It's not clear what is passing on the conveyor belts, but it looks to be small and metallic.

CAPTION (ROSIE): I've never liked working in a factory.

2 - Close on Rosie.  She is tired and sweaty from exertion.  From this distance, it's clear that the belts are conveying bullets.

CAPTION (ROSIE): The days are long.

3 - Rosie has scooped out some bullets and is loading them into a magazine by hand.  Those nearby are doing the same.

CAPTION (ROSIE): The work is mindnumbing.

4 - Focus on a window in the factory wall.  Below in the foreground, Rosie has paused in her loading to look towards the window.

CAPTION (ROSIE): But there was one thing that always helped me get through it all.

5 - Our last panel is pretty much a dead ringer for this week's photo, except the building is still in active, non-degraded condition.  The important thing is to emphasize its isolation among the waves.

CAPTION (ROSIE): You got to go home at the end of the day.

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