Sunday, July 10, 2016

Milestone - Freedom - P. A. Nolte

1/ On the steps of Dakota's City Hall, Commando X has returned, and he might just be even crazier than before.  His chest is strapped with an explosive vest and he waves the detonator in his hand around as he speaks.

Commando X: Now is the time we confront the forces resisting change!

Commando X: Now is the time we let justice roll down like waters of righteousness!

Commando X: Like a mighty river!

2/ He turns to point angrily at the passersby.  Condemning them for their inaction.  Some of them scatter, most just look on incredulously.  Life in a town with superheroes, right?

Commando X: I come here today to affirm that we will no longer sit idly by in agonizing deprivation and wait on others to provide our freedom!

Commando X: A freedom never voluntarily granted by the oppressor!

Commando X: A freedom that must be demanded by the oppressed!

3/ As he raises his hand above him, the detonator is hit with a bolt of electricity that travels down Commando X's arm and into his vest.

Commando X: And furthermore--


Commando X: Huh?!

4/ Virgil Hawkins, aka Static, floating on his makeshift trashcan lid airfoil.  His baseball cap hides his eyes, but not his smirk.  His jacket billows.  Energy arcs off of him, his clothes, and his ride.

Static: "I understand your legitimate discontent.  I understand your nagging frustrations.  You are the victim of a crisis of disappointment.  But I must reaffirm that I do not see the answer to your problems in violence."

5/ Closer on Static, his smirk has gone full-on grin. 

Static: Yeah.  I read that speech, too.

6/ Static salutes Commando X mockingly as he flies away on his airfoil.  Armed security have begun to come out of City Hall with their weapons drawn.  Several police vehicles have also pulled up.

Static: All yours, officers!  Keep an eye on that one.  He's a rascal!

Static: And don't worry about that vest.  It's a dud.  Now...

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