Thursday, July 14, 2016

Milestone - An Opinionated Mob - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, afternoon. A highly agitated mob surrounds two men that have chained themselves to the doors of an official looking building. The mob is ugly looking and ready to fight. The two men are wearing shirts that say "LOVE".

1. MOB PERSON 1: You damn sickos!

2. MOB PERSON 2: Get your crap out of here!

Panel 2
One of the men winces as a small rock smacks his shoulder. The other one looks on resolutely. The mob seethes with anger.

3. MOB PERSON 1: How about you love that rock too!

Panel 3
Close-up of a person's hand as they chuck a rock.

4. MOB PERSON (OP): And this one!

Panel 4
Rocket zooms between the two men and the mob. The rock falls to the ground as Rocket robs it of it's kinetic energy.


Panel 5
Rocket stands between the mob and the two men, lecturing the mob. The mob looks deflated as though robbed of their will to be angry. The two men look relieved. The large rock lays on the ground uselessly.

6. ROCKET: Your opinion is your own, but I will not tolerate violence against another.

7. ROCKET: Keep acting like children and you will be handled like children.

- END -

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