Monday, July 11, 2016

Milestone - Untitled - Grant McLaughlin

1 - An adult Virgil is playing with his young daughter (younger than five, let's say).  She is having a grand old time, while Virgil looks off in concern towards Frieda calling him from off-panel.

CAPTION (VIRGIL): I thought I'd have hung up the tights by now.

FRIEDA (off-panel): V?

2 - In the living room, Frieda sits on the couch watching TV, a look of dread and fear in her eyes (the TV's screen is not visible).  She is the focus of the panel.  Virgil stands in the doorway, holding their daughter in his arms, a look of knowing concern on his face.

CAPTION (VIRGIL): But things are bad out there.

FRIEDA: You should see this.

CAPTION (VIRGIL): And they don't seem to be getting better

3 - Close on Frieda and Virgil as he passes their daughter to her.  They're both worried, but they're trying to hide it, both from each other and from their little girl.  Perhaps leave it unclear whether or not the daughter picks up on the vibe.

CAPTION (VIRGIL): In times like these, everyone has to do their part.

VIRGIL: I'll be back soon.

FRIEDA: You better.

4 - Outside.  Night time.  Virgil flies out of the apartment, fully dressed as Static, a serious expression on his face.  His costume could be updated for his age, but it could just as easily be about the same as when he first started out.

CAPTION (VIRGIL): And this is mine.

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  1. This is fun. Builds a sense of dread without revealing what the dread actually is. Could make for a great first page of Static Beyond.


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