Thursday, July 7, 2016

Recap Page - Jaguar's Eye - Perry Kent

Page layout should have a large section at the top with the logo and the words "Previously...". Each panel has a caption below it. Then at the bottom of the page in large letters is the title of the story "Curation Capers: Curse of the Jaguar's Eye".

Panel 1
Interior, temple. GRIMES, an elderly archaeologist, lifts a large yellow gemstone from behind a wall of broken stones. He looks dumbfounded at his discovery. The room is part of lost crumbling temple with plenty of vines and broken stones.

1. GRIMES: Could this be...the Jaguar's Eye?!

2. CAPTION: A tantalizing artifact.

Panel 2
Interior, dark, museum office. GRIMES, now dead, stares vacantly into the air as blood trickles from his mouth onto the floor of his office. The office has papers and books scattered everywhere and a chair is overturned from when GRIMES fell to the ground.

3. CAPTION: A terrible curse.

Panel 3
Interior, dim, bar. SATTLER, a mid-30s rugged man, holds his whiskey glass as HUGHES, a mid-50s man in a suit, talks to him. SATTLER is partially turned away from HUGHES as a sign of his reluctance to hear the other man's offer.

4. HUGHES: You solve this and you get your job back.

5. SATTLER: And a raise.

6. HUGHES: Don't push it.

7. CAPTION: An irresistable offer.

Panel 4
Interior, bright, museum office. SATTLER listens to JOHNSTON, a sultry woman about his age, as she looks over an gemstone encrusted artifact with a magnifying glass. They are inside of JOHSTON's office which is tidy, but filled with books.

8. JOHNSTON: You're good. But you were always better with me.

9. CAPTION: Old friends.

Panel 5
Exterior, night, road in front of museum. A large man in a ski-mask pulls JOHNSTON into a car with a gun to her head. JOHNSTON yells out with an annoyed expression. They are outside the front of the museum and rain is falling heavily.

10. JOHNSTON: Shoot him before he shoots me!

11. CAPTION: New stakes.

Panel 6
Exterior, night, roadway. SATTLER stands in the road, watching a lone car driving away from the museum. Rain pours heavily over the dark street.

12. CAPTION: Now for the continuation of...

As stated previously, down here is where there would be a section devoted to the title of the comic.


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