Monday, July 4, 2016

Recap Page - Meanwhile... - Grant McLaughlin

All captions are written in the gutter underneath the "pulled" panel in question.

1 - Pulled panel.  Pavoranian forces are marshaled outside the walls of the city of Torrence, their crimson red colouring a stark contrast to the faded battlements.  Evidence of the desert landscape is clear beneath the troops and siege vehicles.

CAPTION: The siege grows long, neither side willing to give an inch.

2 - Pulled panel.  On a large group of men and women riding flying lizards, focused on the lead flyer, their dark goggles hiding their eyes, but the grim look of determination is clear.  They wear a similar red.

CAPTION: Which is why the Pavoranians have sent for Skyriders in the hopes of circumventing the walls entirely.

3 - Pulled panel.  On the city walls.  Two large columns stand tall in the sky, electricity arcing wildly between them.  Similar columns are visible in the distance, charging up.

CAPTION: But it may be too late, as Torrence forces activate lightning coils to protect the city from outside threats.

4 - Pulled panel.  A large group of robots march through the street, holding improvised weapons and fists at the ready.

CAPTION: Unfortunately, discontent exists within: the Mechanical Men have grown tired of being treated as canon fodder.

5 - Pulled panel.  On Prince Antaro, sleeping in his bed.  He is distressed, frowning and sweating profusely, but unable to wake up.

PRINCE (weakly): N-no... please stop...

CAPTION: To make matters worse, Prince Antaro's unending sleep continues, his nightmares intensifying.

6 - Pulled panel.  Erasta sits at a desk in a dark office, looking over a number of documents and plotting.  She wears a malicious smile.

CAPTION: All this uncertainty may be the perfect moment for Erasta to take power for herself.

7 - This final panel isn't a panel so much as the space beneath everything else, filled with the following text on an empty background:

CAPTION: Or it may be the beginning of the end...

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  1. Huh. Why the pulled panel on a recap page? I've never seen it done this way...It's a neat way to show what came before though!


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