Sunday, July 3, 2016

Recap Page – The Super President Action Force Team: “The Days That Shall Not Live In Infamy” – MK Stangeland Jr.

Panel 1: Pulled panel, with ABRAHAM LINCOLN reading a letter.

LINCOLN: King George has gone back in time to stop America from winning its independence!

TEXT BOX: A threat to history itself!

Panel 2: Pulled panel – inside shot of a TIME MACHINE designed to reference the famous DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future, but removed enough to be lawyer-friendly and more in line with the larger version designed to hold more passengers as was utilized in the Back to the Future Ride. JOHN F KENNEDY is in the drivers seat, next to him in the front passenger seat is EISENHOWER. Riding with them are RONALD REAGAN, GERALD FORD, RICHARD NIXON, LYNDON JOHNSON, and HARRY TRUMAN.

EISENHOWER: Let’s go save General Washington.

TEXT BOX: A team on a mission to save reality itself!

Panel 3: Pulled panels, showing a series of chaos from failures to stop KING GEORGE.

TEXT BOX: An enemy that remains one step ahead!

Panel 4: Pulled panel – EISENHOWER is vanishing from history as he tries to put in a final order.

EISENHOWER (1): The answer was obvious the whole time.

EISENHOWER (2): We’ve been reacting when we should be on the offensive!

TEXT BOX: One last hope for victory!

Panel 5: Pulled panel – EISENHOWER is nearly gone as he says a few last words.

EISENHOWER (1): You have to go back…to the future.

EISENHOWER (2): (Fading and shrinking as it goes on) You have to stop…King George…before he can…use…his…time…machine…

Panel 6: The remaining members of the team stand looking at the empty space where EISENHOWER was just standing; aside from EISENHOWER, TRUMAN is also absent, having vanished earlier.

TEXT BOX: Can the remaining members of the Super President Action Force Team stop King George before it’s too late, or is history as we know it DOOMED?!


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  1. Ha! This is great. It'd make a hell of a comic. Or Saturday morning cartoon.


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