Friday, July 1, 2016

Warm-up Sketches: "The Storm"--David Press


1.1: A ghastly winter storm streaks across the first wide panel on the page.

1. CAPTION:                         In the old tales there was a popular phrase.
2. CAPTION:                         “Winter is coming.”

1.2: There’s a figure in the winter storm.

3. CAPTION:                         Winter’s always been here.

1.3: Close on the face of the SHADOW. The shadow is ARBOR, our hero. He’s wearing a Moebius-like facemask. Let’s have it long and pointed like a bird’s face. This can be a small panel.

4. CAPTION:                         They call it “Infinite Winter.”

1.4: Arbor’s white boot steps up to a skull in the shallow snow.  

5. CAPTION:                         This is bad.

1.5: A white-gloved hand sweeps away the edges of snow around the skull to see bits of ribcage and some spinal cord. The glove should be one of this heavy-duty winter gloves—perhaps there’s a steel plate covering the hand for protection.

6. CAPTION:                         Very bad. These bones aren’t going to talk much.

1.6: Pan out to the reference image: the dialogue of ARBOR appears above his head.

7. CAPTION:                         How am I going to bring this to the boss? He’s not going to be happy.

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