Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why Recap Page?

Previously, on Thought Balloons…

After years of writing comic book pages about comic book character, it was decided to open the gates and write about everything! Suddenly, no character was off limits, no concept was too far out of bounds.

So far, THOUGHT BALLOONS has found this to be a great success. But what about what comes…before?

Recap Page

It’s the page that’s usually at the front of the comic, maybe even on the inside of the cover. Despite the idea that ‘every [comic] is someone’s first’, this is a world where nearly every comic out there is part of a grand, overarching narrative, one that needs to include a way to get new readers up to speed. Hence, the little blurb at the front that ensures that newcomers aren’t completely lost. Making the ability to write a good one an increasingly important skill in the world of comics…

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