Thursday, August 18, 2016

Klondike Gold Rush - The Great Alaskan Pickaxe - Perry Kent

Please forgive me for the sin of this comic. I had a much more serious, thought provoking one, but this one kept making me smile. Ergo I thought to inflict it upon the world.

Panel 1
Frankie, a rough looking miner with worn out coveralls, comes running into a small camp scared out of his mind. The small mining camp is occupied by Billy Bob and Herb, two nearly identical miners distinguished only by the color of their hair (Billy Bob has red, Herb has blond). The identical miners are startled at the intrusion of the shrieking man.

1. FRANKIE: BEAR! There's a bear out there!

Panel 2
Billy Bob has a hold of Frankie as the two men question the terrified man. Frankie looks scared out of his mind.

2. BILLY BOB: A bear? Where?

3. FRANKIE: At the panning site! Has ol' Louis and really ol' Louie up a tree!

Panel 3
Herb and Billy Bob shout at each other as they work up a solution.

4. HERB: This is a job too dangerous for mortal miner!

5. BILLY BOB: We need a hero!

6. HERB: A legend!

7. BILLY BOB and HERB: We need The Great Alaskan Pickaxe!

Panel 4
Herb blows furiously on a whistle that is shaped like the head of a moose with it's jaw open.


Panel 5
The Great Alaskan Pickaxe sits atop a muscular mule listening to the wind. He has a large brown beard and stocking cap. He wears a red and black flannel shirt that is bursting with muscles. Sticking above his shoulder is shining pickaxe.

9. PICKAXE: Hark! I hear the Axe Call.

10. PICKAXE: Come little Mallet, we must attend!

- END -


  1. Hahaha. Funny. I think I forgot that this is supposed to take place in Alaska. Mine's sorta random.

  2. "Really ol' Louie" is one of the best character names I've ever read. Love the silliness you throw out here and would be happy to read more.


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