Friday, August 5, 2016



1.1 Wide shot: a small motor boat flies from off-panel towards the reference photo to this week’s prompt. We can see the abandoned factory in all its glory and it looks amazing. There are THREE tiny figures in the fishing motor boat.

CAP:                                       My father told me to not approach Dagdiezel. But do you know any 13 year-old whom will not investigate abandoned structures?
CAP:                                       Of course not.

1.2 Half shot of the kids entering the giant abandoned first floor. This is sort of what I’m seeing in my mind’s eye, from Charles Soule’s twitter feed:

CAP:                                       Some say it was abandoned World War 2 base.
CAP:                                       Others say it was for secret munitions during Cold War.
CAP:                                       Mostly—

1.3 Cut to: The three boys CASTING lines off the edge of a GAPING hole in the side of the building. Nothing but cloudless blue sky and ocean in front of them. Same size shot as the previous panel.

CAP [cont’d]:                         It has grand fishing.

1.4 Similar to the previous but this time pull way back and take up the rest of the page where we can see one of the boys PULLING UP a huge SWORD FISH. The fish has rows of stripes that disappear in the blue sky casting it half-invisible.

CAP:                                       The invisible scales are great for reproduction and skipping university courses.


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