Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lonely Island - Location - P. A. Nolte

1/ Dagdiesel.  A small, modern boat is tied to the remnants of the dock.

Verna (Cap): How far out are we?

2/ From what’s left of the rafters, we see three figures enter, light pouring around them into the musty darkness.  Verna, the director, Maurice, the location scout, and Homer, a photographer.  There are plenty of birds, and even though we don’t see anything, a definite presence of something else.  Verna and Maurice are simply admiring the scenery, Homer is snapping picture after picture.

Maurice: About a mile off the coast.

Homer: What’s the name of it again?  Dagdiesel?  What does that mean?

3/ Maurice shrugs.

Maurice: Dunno.  There’s not much info on it.  Conflicting half-truths at best.

Maurice: Should work for the big finale, though.  Nobody’ll mind if we blow a few holes in the wall.

4/ Homer has lowered his camera for the first time, reacting poorly to the thick layer of droppings he’s just stepped in.

Homer: Gotta sweep up after the birds.

5/ Verna puts her hands on her hips.  Content.  The others are equally at ease.  From the same rafter-perched view as before, the birds have scattered.  There is now an inhuman hand, attached to an inhuman shadow, watching the trio.  They don’t notice.

Verna: It’s perfect.

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