Monday, August 29, 2016

Parenthood: "May 29" --David Press.


1.1: It’s winter time and we’re in my living room. I’m wearing fleece pants and a zip-up hoody, behind me the pellet stove is roaring and I’m still cold. Let’s take it from my wife’s perspective. She’s on the couch in the foreground of the panel and she’s watching me pace.

MEG:                                      What are you doing?

1.2: Opposite angle—I’m walking back the other way past my wife. This way we can see her on the red couch holding her belly.

ME:                                         I’m trying to find my slippers.

1.3: I sit down on the couch next to my wife. I’m facing her so the reader should be looking at the back of my head. Feel free to display a mild bald spot making its way across the back of my skull.

MEG:                                      Preggo brain must be contagious.
ME:                                         Nice.
MEG:                                      Nah, it’s just you.

1.4: I look sad. 

MEG [OP]:                             Wah wah.
                                                How depressing.

ME:                                         Again: Nice.

1.5: My wife looks confused. Maybe her head is tilted to the side, maybe she has her head tilted to the side.

MEG:                                      What? I don’t get it.

1.6: Same, but this time Meg is LAUGHING.

ME [OP]:                                Depressing.

MEG:                                      Oh.


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  1. This is an adorable little domestic slice of life. Is it taken verbatim from a household conversation, elaborated on, or whole cloth new?


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