Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Parenthood – Thanos Knows Best – MK Stangeland, Jr.

(Set in a variant of a SCOTTIE YOUNG style verse, like MINI MARVELS, GIANT SIZE L’IL MARVEL, and MARVEL BABIES stories)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: A mini version of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – Movie Version, plus MANTIS, MAJOR VICTORY, and COSMO - is inside a treehouse set up like a spaceship.

The tree itself, in this instance, is actually GROOT, whose head is sticking in through the window, with ROCKET RACOON sitting on said head. The rest are arranged around the tree house at pretend stations.

STAR-LORD (1): Oh no! It’s a sneak attack!

STAR-LORD (2): We’re under attack by the Phalanx, the Brood, and the Badoon!

STAR-LORD (3): All at the same time!

MAJOR VICTORY: Oh no! How will…

THANOS: (Off-Panel) Gamora! It’s time to come home!

Panel 2: On the ground, outside the tree house. Both THANOS and J’SON are looking up, while GAMORA is just peeking her head out and glaring down at THANOS. GROOT has also pulled his head out of the house, though ROCKET still sits on top of it.

GAMORA (1): Not now, Thanos! I’m busy!

THANOS: Listen to your father, Gamora!

GAMORA (2): Shut up, Thanos! You’re not my real dad!

Panel 3: THANOS is annoyed, while J’SON looks at him and gives a sympathetic hand on the shoulder.

THANOS (1): I swear, that girl is impossible sometimes.

THANOS (2): For all the work I put into being a galactic tyrant, it’s nothing compared to putting up with my kids sometimes.

J’SON: I hear ya there, man.

J'SON (2): The stories I could tell you about l'il Pete...

Panel 4: GAMORA pouts as she walks back away from the window.

DRAX (1): Man, that Thanos is a major jerk.

DRAX (2): Sorry you have to put up with him all the time.

MANTIS: You should not be so hard on him. He remains your father.


Panel 5: Close up on GAMORA as she wears a face that’s equal parts being disgusted at and embarrassed by her dad.

GAMORA (1): The worst part is he invited that Lady Death woman over for dinner again.

GAMORA (2): He is, like, totally oblivious to the fact that she has no real interest in him.


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  1. This is amazing / adorable. Adorzing? Amaorable? Either way, it's one of those.

    Some really excellent dialogue (Star Lord in panel 1 killed me) and visuals (Groot as the treehouse is wonderful). Just a delightful little page.


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