Monday, August 22, 2016

Powers - COPS - Grant McLaughlin

As the title implies, the conceit of this page is that Walker and Pilgrim are on COPS, so all panels should be framed as if they are being filmed.  Kinda grainy, placement of people sometimes a little off-kilter, and a TV network logo in the bottom right corner (perhaps "Action 5" instead of FOX?).

1 - On Walker's car driving along a downtown street.  It's kind of dark and the car headlights (and any other lights) are over-saturated against the night.


WALKER (from within): I still can't believe Cross signed us up for babysitting duty.

2 - On Christian Walker, filmed from the backseat.  He's looking back towards the cameraperson, one hand off the wheel as he points accusingly.  The "camera" isn't completely level.

CAPTION: Detective Christian Walker

WALKER: Your show is pathetic.  It trivializes policework and implies that only the poor could ever commit a crime.

3 - On Deena Pilgrim in the passenger seat (still filmed from the back).  She's looking at Walker, who is off-panel.

CAPTION: Detective Deena Pilgrim

PILGRIM: Come on, Walker.  You don't have to give the camera crew a hard time.  They're just doing their job.

4 - Back on Walker.  He's back to focusing on the road ahead, although his body language is still frustrated and tense.


WALKER: Maybe I would be more impressed if "their job" didn't consist of taking advantage of society's most vulnerable and marginalized peoples for cheap entertainment.

5 - Back on Deena.  She's taking a sip of a coffee, maybe not looking entirely serious.


PILGRIM: Well, maybe this could be a learning experience for everyone.  Give the world an idea of the kind of work we really do.

6 - Focus on the radio between Walker and Pilgrim as it crackles with speech.  Walker and Pilgrim could both be partially on-panel.

WALKER: Pfft, I hardly doubt that's why Cross agreed to this.

RADIO: Shots fired at Dallas and 34th.  Nearest officers, please respond.

7 - On Walker's car again, but from behind as it drives away, sirens flashing.


WALKER (within): But looks like they'll be getting a chance nonetheless.

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