Friday, August 26, 2016



1.1 WIDE: Scraps of body parts lay scattered all over a rooftop: an arm here, a leg there, shredded pieces of cape with some errant pieces of a unitard lay all over the place. Obviously, this is the crime scene that we find CHRISTIAN WALKER and DEENA PILGRIM in.

PILGRIM [OP]:                     They do just drop out of the sky right?

1.2: We’re on a rooftop with CHRISTIAN WALKER and DEENA PILGRIM. They are staring down at the TORSO of a white unitard.

WALKER:                     Yep.

1.3: Walker kneels down to look at the emblem. In the center of the white shirt is a yellow emblem with a RED FLAG in it.

WALKER:                              It’s Flag Man. Probably got caught in an airplane turbine.

1.4: Walker stands up next to Pilgrim, they look down at the body.

PILGRIM:                              Stupid capes.

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  1. Like Perry's entry, another great example of taking the over-the-top nature of cap stories and bringing down to something more grounded (if you'll pardon the pun). I appreciate how matter of fact Walker is throughout.

    Question for you: why did you give Pilgrim that last line? And if you'll forgive a suggestion, what would you think of finishing with Walker or Pilgrim (or both) looking up at the sky instead of continuing to look at the corpse?


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